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Keyboard shortcuts?


Alt+/ Open this keyboard shortcuts page

Alt+J Jump

Alt+H Open / close help

Alt+R Reload tab

Alt+Enter Save


Alt+U > Menu

Alt+P > People

Alt+A > Pay batches

Alt+Z > Projects

Alt+O > Docs ... all

Alt+L > Locations

Alt+M > Bookmarks

Alt+C > Orgs


Alt+S > Search

or Move up or down search results

Enter Open the selected entry

Esc Clear the search box


Esc Close video

F Fullscreen video

Space Play / pause

Jump 5 seconds forwards

Jump 5 seconds backwards

Home Jump to the beginning

Browser work-time

Alt+[ > Start

Alt+B > Go on break

Alt+] > Finish

Alt+Y >  Switch project...

Alt+I >  I forgot

Alt+N >  Add timesheet ...

Alt+X >  Timesheet

1st Money for Linux work-time

Win+Shift+[ Start

Win+Shift+B Go on break

Win+Shift+] Finish

Win+Shift+Y Switch project

   (no shortcut) I forgot

Win+Shift+N Add timesheet note

Win+Shift+X Timesheet

Win+Shift+W Timelines ... weekly

1st Money for Linux other

Win+Shift+G Search

Win+Shift+Z Show / hide 1st Money

Win+Shift+Esc Open work-time menu

Ctrl+D Dual workspaces

Ctrl+Tab Switch workspace

Ctrl+U Get page address

Ctrl+Click Open in new browser tab

Middle click Open in new browser tab

Shift+Click Open in other workspace

Advanced search

Ctrl+Enter Open the entry in a new tab

Ctrl+Click Open the entry in a new tab

Tab "Search inside" item

Alt+Click "Search inside" item

Esc (second press) Hide the menu

The search box

> p Search people

> a Search pay batches

> z Search projects

> o Search docs

> l Search locations

> m Search bookmarks

> c Search orgs

> ps Search payslips

> ts Search timesheets

Deleted items

> p - Search deleted people

> z - Search deleted projects

> m - Search deleted bookmarks

Calculator ... do sums in the search box

> 1+1

> 5*(9-3)=

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© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.