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2. How do the 24-7 instant answers help?

24/7 Instant answers2:57

"How do the 24-7 instant answers help?"

At 1st Money, we prioritize your need for support by making 24/7 instant answers readily available.

To see 24/7 instant answers in action:

  1. First, look for the red microphone button on: "Menu", then "24/7 Instant answers"
  2. If it's your first time to try it, you may be prompted to tap Allow to turn on your microphone.
  3. As soon as your microphone's connected, instant answers switches to "Listening" and you can start talking.
  4. As you talk, you'll see whatever you say appear on-screen.
  5. Usually it's best to ask full questions with as much detail as possible.
  6. Once you stop talking, you'll be instantly taken to the best matching answer we can find for your question.
  7. Below the answer that's playing, you'll still see the red microphone button.
  8. At any time, you may feel the answer isn't what you're after, or may want to move on to your next question. You can interrupt at any time and tap the red microphone button again.
  9. And ask your follow-up question.
  10. You can continue to ask as many questions as you like.
  11. And finally, when you're done, you can tap off.

For advanced usage:

  • As you use 24/7 instant answers more and more, you may find it useful to try the keyboard shortcut: altQ

To search for answers by hand:

  1. First, go to: "Menu", then "Tips & tricks"
  2. And start typing your keywords into the search box.
  3. As soon as you start typing, you'll start seeing search results.
  4. The more keywords you type, the better your search results get.
  5. Once you see a result that seems like a match, tap it, to see it.
  6. And finally, to do another search, scroll to the top of the page, tap into the search box, and try again.

Currently, as of the 17th of July, 2024, there's a total of 2774 answers in our collection.

Our team's always working to enhance, refine, and expand the answers provided. Making the 24/7 instant answers an excellent resource for learning how to make the most of 1st Money.

To learn more:

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  • To learn about how to ask us questions, watch the video on: Live chat support
  • To learn about how to book an appointment with us, watch the video on: Booking a live demo
  • And to learn about how to vote on upcoming features, watch the video on: Ideas voting

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about using 24/7 instant answers!

Updated: Fri, May 31, 2024.

© 2020–2024 1st Money UK Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.