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Report - There

See employees absences.


Note: If planned times aren't showing:

  • Turn on: Your org > Attendance > Attendance set... > Show planned t...

The "There" report requires people to have planned time, so it can:

  • Compare "done time" to "planned time".
  • Calculates the percentage the person was "there" based on what you planned.

If you've got people submitting timesheets every day, it's possible for your "There" report to have no data if you've not set any planned time on their timesheets.

To see the "There" report:

  • Go to: Person > Attendance > There
Updated: Wed, 12 May 2021. Keywords: empty, missing, absent, late, tardy. Headings: `What data does the There report show?`, `How do I see the percentage an employee was "there" from what I planned?`

© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.