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What's the green, and yellow icons besides each person for?

In the "People" list (below each person's portrait photo) is a small work-time status icon. The colours mean:

Green: Work-time started.

Yellow: On break.

Grey: Work-time stopped.

To change your work-time status:

  • Click: > Start
  • Or click: > Go on break
  • Or click: > Finish
Updated: Wed, 12 May 2021. Keywords: image, color, work, time, click, status, break, people, list, below, person, portrait, photo, small, icon, colours, green, started, yellow, grey, stopped, change, start, finish. Headings: `What does the amber status mean?`, `What does the coloured dot near the top represent?`

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© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.