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To add notes to your timesheet (throughout the day):

Your notes are appended to other notes saved earlier in the day.

Each note also saves the time it was written.

Updated: Mon, 3 Aug 2020. Keywords: append. Headings: `What's Add timesheet note for?`, `How do I add notes to my timesheet?`, `Can I save additional notes about my work onto my timesheet?`

To stop your work-time when you'd like to go on a break (or stop for lunch):


  • Stops your work-time clock-in.
  • Puts a reminder on screen your to start your work-time again (when you return).
  • Changes your work-time status to yellow:

When you return, to restart your work-time clock-in, click: I'm back

Updated: Wed, 6 Jan 2021. Keywords: rest, toilet, siesta, sleep, nap. Headings: `How do I go on break?`, `How do I pause my work-time?`, `What's the yellow work-time status?`

To see if your work-time is started:

  1. Look for:   (top right)
  2. See the colour of the work-time status icon.

Green: Work-time started.

Yellow: On break.

Grey: Work-time stopped.

Updated: Sat, 25 Jul 2020. Keywords: working, running. Headings: `What do the work-time status colours mean?`, `How do I see if my timer has started?`

By default, only admins can edit start, stop, and done times. All other people can use Start Go on break Finish to set done times.

If you want to turn off: "Limit timesheet edits" (so everyone can edit their times)

Once turned off, all people can use the calendar to find and edit their timesheets directly.

These "own edits" are limited to just the three days after that working day (72 hours after the end of that day).

Note: Regardless of the above:

  • Only admins can ever enter or edit times planned.
  • Admins can edit any done time, even after the 3 day limit.

Note: Only org admins can set these features. To see if you're an "Org admin":

Updated: Sat, 25 Jul 2020. Keywords: missed, wrong. Headings: `How can I change my start and stop times?`

If you forgot to put yourself on break, wind back your work end time by:

Once corrected, select one of:

  • Return to being clocked in (get back to work):

      > Start

  • Continue being "On break" (the correct break start time is set):

      > Go on break

  • Finish (your "forgot" time is set, and your work-time is stopped):

      > Finish

Updated: Fri, 21 Aug 2020. Keywords: missed, stop, problem, timesheet. Headings: `How do I fix my start break time?`

Your work-time is set by:

  1. We detect your device's time-zone when you login.
  2. Your time-zone is sent to a synchronised server time.
  3. The server sends back the accurate server accurate time.

To see your current server time:

  1. Click:   (top right)
  2. Scroll down and look for: "Time now..."

Note: If you change your device's time-zone (e.g., you fly to a different country), your browser won't get your new time-zone until you:

  1. Restart your browser.
  2. Log in again.
Updated: Mon, 16 Nov 2020. Keywords: offset, delay. Headings: `Does the wrong time on my device cause my start and stop times to be incorrect?`

Use:   > Go on break

Use "Go on break" throughout the day as you start and stop for breaks or lunch. Use it as many times as you like. It reminds you (on screen) to start again when you're back.

Use:   > Finish

Use "Finish" when you're leaving for the day. It asks for your "Feeling at end-of-day" and gives you a chance to edit any notes you've taken during the day.

Updated: Sat, 25 Jul 2020. Keywords: timesheet, time. Headings: `When do I use go on break?`, `When do I click finish?`

To see the hours you've worked so far today:

  1. Click:   (top right)
  2. Your total hours shows (at the top).
Updated: Sat, 25 Jul 2020. Keywords: count, daily, calculate, sum, all. Headings: `How do I know the time worked during today?`, `Can I see how long I've worked?`

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