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Press & media


Welcome to 1st Money

Great to have you here. Let's start with a short intro...

We're building something special, something lasting.

We love the people who use our products. We hope everything we do, no matter how small, makes everyone's life better.




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After working together for a few years building a call center, Craig, Fraser, and Ethan together co-founded 1st Money in 2020. Read our story.

Now we're growing... meet the team.


Most of the time you can just call us "1st Money". Occasionally, you may need to use our full name. That's "1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures" (but mostly just "1st Money" is fine).

The 1st Money marks include the 1st Money name and logo. It also includes words, phrases, images, and other designations that identify any of 1st Money's products.

We prefer that you don't change the marks or use them in a confusing way. This includes suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement by 1st Money, or any other way that confuses 1st Money with another brand (including your own).

We politely ask that you:

  • Only use these (or similar) logos to represent 1st Money.
  • Avoid changing the colors.
  • Avoid overprinting or obstructing any part of the logo.
  • Avoid adding special effects to the logo.

On a white or light background, use the dark square logo.

PNG   SVG   2288px x 944px PNG   SVG   1144px x 1144px

On a black or dark background, use the light square logo.

PNG   SVG   2288px x 944px PNG   SVG   1144px x 1144px


We like it when our name's first letter is written with a numeral, e.g.: "1st Money"

We also like to capitalize product names. Also, some product names always have the word "1st Money" on the front. E.g.:

  • Good 1st FREE Payroll> - Good: 1st FREE Time Off> - Good: 1st FREE Time & Attendance We also like it when there's a space between each word of the product names. E.g.:
  • Good 1st FREE Payroll> - Avoid: 1st MoneyFREEPayroll

We like to write website addresses in lowercase and we normally skip the "www". E.g.:

  • Good 1st.money/payroll
  • Avoid www.1st.money/Payroll

Here's some short intros on our products:

1st FREE Payroll
FREE payroll & HR. Try it. 1st.money/payroll
1st FREE Onboarding
FREE employee onboarding. Try it. 1st.money/onboarding
1st FREE Time Off
Time off tracking. Try it. 1st.money/time-off-tracking
1st FREE Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance. Try it. 1st.money/attendance
1st FREE Expenses
FREE expense reporting. Try it. 1st.money/expenses
1st FREE HR Automation
HR templates. Try it. 1st.money/hr-automation
1st FREE Accountant Edition
FREE payroll for accounting professionals. Try it. 1st.money/accountants

Meet Kitty, 1st Money's official mascot and ever present helper. She's here to help you out with any of your questions.

You can chat with Kitty on 1st Money's FREE support ... Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm, UK time.


You're welcome to redistribute the materials on this page. You don't have to ask.

Have a media inquiry? We'd love to hear from you. Tell our support team, and we'll get you on a call with the right person.

Contact 1st Money's FREE support ... Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm, UK time.

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© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.