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Super-charge your business with unlimited HR automation. Plus, we've thrown in 80+ templates to help you get started.

Automate your... 

Build your own doc library

Upload your logo, and tweak your letterhead 'till perfect. With built-in doc receipt tracking, now you really look the part!

Track each doc. Unlimited doc storage.

Personalize every doc. Use 200+ inserts.

Collect signatures

One doc. Multiple sigs. Select between eight of the most doc popular workflows. Then decide which managers and employees to include.

Go with the flow. Set your own sig flow.

Download to PDF. Download & print.

All docs stored & tracked

Need to know your doc's been read? Track it's been received with "Got it". Retrieve proof of delivery, even months later.

Privacy protected. Set it for your eyes only.

Re-use templates. Personalize per person.

The pen is mightier...

Get it in writing. Say "Good-bye" to vague verbal exchanges and switch to the security and productivity of HR Docs.

You have
our word.

Now give
them yours.

HR Docs really is free for all!

Really free?  1st FREE HR Docs really is free for all! Use all our free features and pay nothing. Send all the Docs you want. They're all free!

Any limits?  Have all the people and logins you want. Have all the free templates you want! Have all the doc sending you want! Have all the doc storage you need!

Questions?  Get answers. Our free support team's here to help.

Can I trust you guys?  We won't spam you. Your data's safe. We won't sell or lend your private info. There's no 30 day, or other trial periods.

How's this free?  Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

We think you'll love it!

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HR Docs features

Customize your creation
FREECustomize your letterhead.
FREE80+ free HR templates.
FREE200+ Reusable inserts. Auto-inserts HR data.
FREEFormat your docs, including Markdown support.
FREESupports both letter and doc formats.
FREEQuick searching, and doc categories.
FREEFast doc completion with pick-lists.
FREEWindow envelope compatible printing.
Automate your HR
FREEChoose between 8 different advanced sending modes.
FREEHave docs signed by both manager and employee.
FREESend with or without recipient confirmation.
FREESend tamper-proof docs to your people for signing.
FREEDownload signed printable PDFs.
FREERequest employees to fill-in, sign, and return a doc to you.
FREEQuickly resend a doc on to the next person.
FREEEdit & resend declined docs.
Baked in privacy
FREEClone and customize your own copy.
FREEFully private templates.
FREESet permissions on your docs to limit who can send them.
FREEPrivacy & pay info protections on all docs.
FREEPrint unsaved private docs to PDF in untraceable mode.
FREEEmail you doc as an attached PDF.
FREESee all your received or signed docs in one place.
FREEProve, even months later, that a doc was received or signed.
Signature savvy
FREELegally binding signatures.
FREEFully online signing.
FREEUnlimited signature storage.
FREESave your signature.
FREEOne-tap signing.
FREEPassword protected PDFs.
FREE+100% cloud solution.
FREE+Install on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE+"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREE+Permissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREE+Add as many people as you want.
FREE+Setup as many orgs as you want.
FREE+Jump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREE+Free support ... We're here Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, UK time.
FREE+No third party vendors or APIs required.
FREE+No extra logins or licenses required.

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