1st PRO Payroll Tax Filing & Pensions

Unlimited payroll tax filing and pensions for only


per tax filing person, per month (£5 minimum applies).


per pension person, per month (£5 minimum applies).
Even if you don't pay for any of the above, you're still welcome to try all of 1st Money's other features...

...they're 100% FREE!

What's the cost?

It's only £1 per tax filing or pension person, per month, auto-detected.

What's a tax filing or pension person?

Each month we auto-detect which people you've asked us to file taxes or pay pensions for.

If they leave, or go dormant, we'll automatically stop charging you for them.

Is the £1 optional?

Yes, you can skip the £1 for everyone who doesn't need tax filing or pensions. This includes non-CIS contractors, advisors, external accountants, dormant employees, unpaid interns, employees who opt out of pensions, etc.

Any hidden costs?

There's no hidden costs. There's no other setup costs. £5 minimum applies, per product. All prices +VAT @20%.

What's your refund policy?

We'll happily refund you if you ever feel we got it wrong.

How do I pay?

We'll invoice you near the end of each month.

Is it really free?

Yes, except for tax filing or pensions, all the FREE stuff really is FREE!

How's this FREE?

Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

If you're enjoying our free products, we hope you'll consider supporting us by trying 1stPRO Payroll Tax Filing & Pensions.

We think you'll love it!


100% cloud solution.

With all your data securely stored in the cloud, you're now free to move from one device to another.

Works on any device. iOS, Android, PC, tablet.

Whenever we release a new feature it's always instantly available on all devices.

FREE support ... Mon-Fri, 9 am to 12 noon, UK time.

Ask us questions whenever you like. We're around when you're around.

No third party vendors or APIs required.

Everything you need is included.

No extra logins or licenses required.

There's no need for additional software or subscriptions.

"Who changed what" audit history throughout.

You can look up any change, including who did it, when it was done, and what changed ... even going back years!

Permissions enforced privacy on all data.

People without payroll permissions can't see anything about pay, pay batches, payroll, or payslips.

Unlimited logins for FREE.

Unlimited full-time employees.

Unlimited part-time employees.

Unlimited contractors.

Unlimited construction subcontractors.

Unlimited paystubs per month.

Unlimited payments per month.

Unlimited salaried and hourly payroll.

Auto-filled tax forms.

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly.

Pay by cash, check, or online banking.

Unlimited voluntary deductions.

Unlimited garnishments.

Split payment settings.

Auto filled tax forms.

Full payroll tax calculations.

Due date reminders for tax compliance.

Multi-branch filing.

Auto filled contribution forms.

DRs and CRs auto-prepped for accounting.

Offline accounting compatible.

Legally binding signatures.

Fully online tax form signing.

200+ Reusable inserts. Auto-inserts HR data into tax forms.

Unlimited tax form and signature storage.

Download signed printable tax forms ... even months later.

Saved signatures, incl. sig. image upload.

Complete onboarding, for all employees.

Employee self onboarding step-by-step guide.

Onboarding can be paused / resumed anytime.

Completion tracking percent.

Audit who signed which tax form.

One click tax form signing.

Employee and contractor compatible.

Email notification when waiting for sig.

Optional. Employees can self-enter their banking details.

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See everyone on one page.

See unused hours.

See unused money value ... for tax adjustments.

Individually adjustable allowances.

Part-day requests, as small as 30 minutes.

Mid-year allowance adjustments.

"Unlimited" time off option.

Year-end "carry" time off option.

"Negative balance" option. Borrow from the future.

Track who approved, and when.

Report by time off type.

Report paid vs. unpaid.

Warns on misconfigured people.

Export to spreadsheet.

Warns if request exceeds balance.

Warns if request conflicts with planned shifts.

Option to auto-include local bank holidays.

Requests skip existing holidays and weekends.

Get approved and declined emails.

Edit, add, and remove holidays.

Public holidays listed.

From your email inbox: approve, edit, or decline.

Track time off reasons.

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Real-time clock-ins.

With "clock-ins" you can do starts and stops throughout your working day. This records your exact start or stop times to the second.

Painless project switching.

Choose from the full list of your worker projects, and click the project you'll be working on next.

Supports working past 12 midnight.

Everything works perfectly, even for shifts that go beyond midnight.

Hourly paid employees.

Feel free to pay your employees hourly, either by timesheet hours worked, or by their assigned target hours.

Supports overtime, holiday, and night pay.

Enter your own custom higher pay rates for overtime, holidays, or night pay.

"In advance" shift scheduling.

Schedule planned shift times for as many people as you like.

Upcoming shifts at-a-glance.

With only one click, every employee can see their upcoming planned shift times.

Compare done vs. planned times.

See a clear day-by-day breakdown of which days are under the planned hours, and by how much.

Daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Advanced attendance reporting allows you to find patterns in employee work-time.

Advanced absence reporting.

See a list of every absence of every person in the selected project, then use the filters to zoom in on times and people.

"Break time so far" display.

The "on break" pop-up shows on screen, and counts how long you've been on break.

"On break" reminder.

It's a good idea to keep the "on break" pop-up on screen as a reminder to go "off break" once you return.

Self-adjustable stop times.

If you started your work-time, then forgot to stop it when you went on break, you can self adjust your stop time.

Visual warning on manually adjusted times.

To reduce false hours and timesheet fraud, all "manual adjustments", are highlighted in a red warning colour.

Keyboard shortcuts to start and stop.

Save yourself time and use the keyboard shortcuts for starts and stops.

Keyboard shortcuts to adjust times.

The time slider step amount allows you to control how much, in minutes, the timesheet sliders move by.

Admin-only timesheet edit control.

If you're an admin, you can adjust existing timesheet hours, or click "Add time" to enter a time manually.

Measure attendance targets per project.

See the average and total planned versus done time for all your people, over any date range selected.

Report hours per project.

See a clear day-by-day breakdown of how much work was done for each of your projects.

Compare end-of-day employee feelings.

See a summary of how each employee is feeling at the end their working day.

Auto locking of paid timesheets.

Once the hours worked of a timesheet are paid, the timesheet is locked.

Individual weekly summaries.

See a useful summary of all hours worked, including the person's average start time, average finish time, and average continuous done time.

Bulk copy planned times.

Select as many people, or as many dates, as you like to copy planned shift times to.

Log notes throughout the day.

Add all the notes you like to your timesheet. The time of day is added automatically to the front of your note.

Dismiss approved absences.

Dismiss selected no-shows or absences if a suitable reason is given.

Dismissed absence management.

When you mouse over each dismissed absence, you'll see the explanation added by the manager who approved the absence dismissal.

Adjustable absence trigger.

Choose the number of minutes to "Trigger absences after". For example, only record an employee as late if they're later than 10 minutes.

Visual time editing.

Record work hours by draging visual time sliders.

Individual attendance metrics.

Compare each person's "Average hours", "Average continuous done time hours", and "There" percentage to see patterns in individual attendance.

Visual attendance reporting.

See charts of everyone's time worked in this project. When you hover your mouse over each line, you'll see additional details.

Detailed absence lists.

See a list of every absence of every person in a given project.

Daily timesheets snapshot email.

Get an optional once-a-day email that gives you a summary of timesheets from the previous day.

Reporting on how people are feeling.

See charts representing the feelings of everyone in a given project.

Store notes of each days tasks.

At the end of their day, employees will be prompted to record notes on what they got done that day.

Daily project reporting.

Have a single page view of each project's total hours done, end of day feelings, and other notes.

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Unlimited expense claims. Fully integrated with payroll.

To see a preview of any expense on a payslip, click the "See on payslip" button.

Expense DRs and CRs auto-prepped for accounting.

We'll auto prepare all your debits and credits, so they can be added to your accounting.

Submit expense claims for admin approval.

Click "Ask to approve", and we'll email the expense to your payday admin for approval.

Approvals and declines directly from your inbox.

If you're happy to approve an expense claim, click the "Approved" button from your email.

Supports all HMRC expense or benefit types.

All of HMRC's expense types are fully supported.

Supports class 1A "company arranged" benefits.

Set "Arranged by" to "Company" to convert the entry into a class 1A benefit.

Supports non-class 1A "employee arranged" benefits.

Set "Arranged by" to "Employee" to convert the entry into a class 1 benefit.

Company vehicle "private use" expenses.

Add a "private use" vehicle "benefit in kind" for your employees who take a company car home.

Supports employer private fuel payments.

Record your employer subsidised private fuel costs as a "benefit in kind".

Multi-person company vehicle sharing.

Share vehicle "benefit in kind" amounts between as many people as you like.

Hover for detailed calculation notes.

To see how an expense deduction is calculated, hover your mouse over that row on the payslip.

Auto-review pending expenses on payday.

We'll remind you of any unresolved expense claims on payday, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Upload an image, or attach a photo to each expense.

Upload a receipt, or other proof of purchase, to make things easier for your accountant.

Add notes to expense claims.

You can add notes to help your payday admin know why you're requesting this expense. You can choose one from the list, or type one yourself.

Approved expenses instantly show on the payslip.

Once it's approved, you can immediately see your expense on your payslip.

Admins can submit expenses for others.

If you're an admin, you'll be shown a list of people you can choose to add a new expense claim to.

Approved expense notification by email.

Once the payday admin's approved an expense, the person who submitted the expense automatically gets a confirmation email.

Effortless resubmission of declined expense claims.

Click "Edit for resubmit", and add a reason so the payday admin can reconsider approving the expense claim.

Supports tax-free qualifying home moving costs.

Submit HMRC compliant tax-free qualifying home moving costs as a "Post-tax benefit and reimbursement".

Add one-time benefits in kind.

Choose the person who's getting this "Benefit in kind", add an amount, and you're done.

Add repeating benefits in kind.

Choose from a variety of auto-repeat options, like monthly, weekly, etc, so that payables are never missed.

Deduct an agreed amount from an employee's pay.

Optionally, in the "Employee deducted" field, enter how much the employee's agreed will be deducted from their pay.

Look-up vehicle CO2 emissions.

If you don't know your vehicle's CO2 emissions, you can look it up using your vehicle's $LC->VEHICLE_REGISTRATION_NUMBER.

Deduct for the private use of a company vehicle.

Enter how much will be deducted, every year, to use a vehicle privately.

Supports employee capital contributions to a company car.

Supports employee payments towards the cost of a vehicle, also known as capital contributions.

Company van expenses.

If a vehicle is a van, then click "Vehicle type", and choose "Van".

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100+ FREE HR templates.

Integrated employment agreements.

Clone and customize your own docs.

Quick searching, and doc categories.

Window envelope compatible printing, with letterhead.

Private templates support.

Email reminders and read receipts.

Markdown support.

Multi-client friendly.

Stores all your paid preparer info.

FREE for unlimited commercial use.

FREE logins for all your team.

Jump between your client's orgs.

Shareable. All forms have direct web addresses.

All the usage you like, for you and your clients.

Personalize by uploading client logos.

Select from six accounting connectors.

Connect to QuickBooks, Zoho, Kashoo, AccountingSuite, FreshBooks, or Xero

Send paystubs to accounting with only one click.

All DRs and CRs auto-prepped for accounting.

Correct journal categorization of wages, taxes, and more.

Set your own journal categorizations.

No more copy / paste errors.

Convert existing employees to CIS subcontractors.

Flip a single switch to convert any employee into a CIS contractor. Fill in the four fields and they can be instantly verified for CIS by HMRC.

PDS auto-sent by email.

All CIS subcontractors are automatically emailed their updated Payment and deduction statement (PDS) every time they're paid, attached as a PDF.

PDS attached as a PDF.

Scroll down to the bottom of the email to open the attached PDF. In the PDF you'll see the CIS deduction for the current payday.

Historical download of all PDSs.

We store a copy of all Payment and deduction statements (PDS), so they can be re-downloaded anytime ... even years later.

Reminder for CIS monthly submission.

The CIS monthly return has to reach HMRC by the 19th of every month. We'll add this to your reminder calendar.

Supports CIS monthly re-submission.

If you need to make amendments to your CIS monthly return, hover your mouse over the row and click: "Redo"

Supports 11-13 digit verification references.

We fully support all current and historical 11-13 digit verification reference numbers.

Modifiable CIS deduction percent.

We'll suggest to you what we think is the right default for a CIS contractor's deduction percent, but you're always free to change it.

Instant verification of CIS status.

In seconds of clicking the "Verify" button, we'll send the CIS contractor's information to HMRC, and then store the confirmation receipt. You'll see a purple tick once the verification's completed.

Supports sole traders, partnerships, companies, etc.

We support all CIS contractor types. Sole trader is the most common. We also fully support partnerships, companies, and trusts.

List overview of all CIS subcontractors.

If you have a number of CIS subcontractors, you can see a listing of all CIS subcontractors on the employee's report.

Change details and re-verify existing CIS subcontractors.

If any of your CIS contractor's details have changed, delete their previous verification, then reverify them as a CIS contractor again.

Auto re-verification of CIS subcontractors.

HMRC requires any CIS contractor that hasn't been verified for two years to be re-verified again. We take care of this for you in only a few clicks.

Unregistered CIS contractor handling.

If a CIS contractor wasn't found in HMRC's database, HMRC requires their deductions to be set to 30% (the highest rate). We'll auto-suggest this for you.

HMRC confirmation receipt storage.

Once you've finished your CIS monthly return, you'll see two ticks. One to show it's been sent, and the other to show HMRC's confirmed receipt. We store all the confirmation receipts for you.

Nil return handling.

Tick the nil CIS monthly return box if there's no CIS activity this month.

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