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Unlimited free timesheets, shift scheduling, absence management, and hourly pay. All synced directly with your payroll. Fully recognized by HMRC.

Track every hour worked

Know your team's hours worked, overtime, holiday, and paid time off, right down to the second. No more fuzzy arrivals and departures.

Exact clock-ins. Precise starts & stops.

Night-owl friendly. Work past midnight.

Advanced shift planning

Plan shifts into the future then compare hours worked with scheduled targets, and tracking of your team's lates and no-shows.

Publish shifts. See shifts on your phone.

Lates & no-shows. Watch your whole team.

360° Reporting

Get a daily timesheet snapshot in your email inbox, then tap-on through to an Aladdin's cave of reports that tunes you in to your team's vibe.

Fact-driven HR. Hard facts & pretty charts

Stay in the loop. End-of-day feeling check.

Fashionably punctual.

Get in sync. Timesheets sync with payroll. Absences sync with disciplinaries. You sync with your team!

Time well tracked

Is time
well spent.

Time & Attendance really is free for all!

Really free?  1st FREE Time & Attendance really is free for all! Use all our free features and pay nothing. Submit all the timesheets you want. Track all the absences you want. They're all free!

Any limits?  Have all the people and logins you want. Have all the timesheet storage you need! Have all the attendance clock-ins you want!

Questions?  Get answers. Our free support team's here to help.

Can I trust you guys?  We won't spam you. Your data's safe. We won't sell or lend your private info. There's no 30 day, or other trial periods.

How's this free?  Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

We think you'll love it!

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Time & Attendance features

Accurate time recording
FREEReal-time clock-ins.
FREEPainless project switching.
FREESupports working past 12 midnight.
FREE"Break time so far" display.
FREE"On break" reminder.
FREESelf-adjustable stop times.
FREEVisual warning on manually adjusted times.
FREEKeyboard shortcuts to start and stop.
FREEKeyboard shortcuts to adjust times.
Integrated payroll
FREEHourly paid employees.
FREESupports overtime, holiday, and night pay.
FREEAdmin-only timesheet edit control.
FREEMeasure attendance targets per project.
FREEReport hours per project.
FREECompare end-of-day employee feelings.
FREEAuto locking of paid timesheets.
FREEIndividual weekly summaries.
FREEManage who's on which projects.
Effective shift planning
FREE"In advance" shift scheduling.
FREEUpcoming shifts at-a-glance.
FREECompare done vs. planned times.
FREEBulk copy planned times.
FREELog notes throughout the day.
FREEExcuse absences.
FREEExcused absence management.
FREEAdjustable absence trigger.
FREEVisual time editing.
360° Reporting
FREEDaily, weekly, and monthly reports.
FREEAdvanced absence reporting.
FREEIndividual attendance metrics.
FREEVisual attendance reporting.
FREEDetailed absence lists.
FREEDaily timesheets snapshot email.
FREEReporting on how people are feeling.
FREEStore notes of each days tasks.
FREEDaily real-time project reporting.
See all the videos
FREE100% cloud solution.
FREEInstall on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREEPermissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREEAdd as many people as you want.
FREESetup as many orgs as you want.
FREEJump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREEFree support ... Mon-Fri, 8 am to 4 pm, UK time.
FREENo third party vendors or APIs required.
FREENo extra logins or licenses required.

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