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Unlimited free expense claims, student loans, mileage allowances, benefits-in-kind, and much more, repaid directly through your payroll. Fully recognized by HMRC.

Expense requests & approvals

Advanced approval flows make sure the right amount's paid, with everything tracked and accounted for.

Email friendly. Approve from your email.

Attach receipts. Add notes, and photos.

Expense automation

Supports all HMRC expenses, including class 1A benefits, qualifying home moving costs, benefits-in-kind, and much more.

Fancy automation. Repeating expenses.

Instantly added. Tap, and it's in their pay.

Cars, vans, fuel

Supports all HMRC vehicle expenses, including benefits-in-kind, cars, vans, fuel, capital contributions, CO2 emissions, and much more.

Private vehicle use. Vehicle sharing.

Mileage allowance. Claim mileage.

Genius simplicity.

Keeping it simple. Sit back and relax while the expense automations help get you to beautifully simple payday payments.

Tap, approve, done.

Expenses simplified!

Expenses really is free for all!

Really free?  1st FREE Expenses really is free for all! Use all our free features and pay nothing. Submit all the expenses you want. They're all free!

Any limits?  Have all the people and logins you want. Have all the expense approvals you want! Have all the expense reporting you want!

Questions?  Get answers. Our free support team's here to help.

Can I trust you guys?  We won't spam you. Your data's safe. We won't sell or lend your private info. There's no 30 day, or other trial periods.

How's this free?  Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

We think you'll love it!

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Expenses features

Expense management
FREEExpense claims automatically connect with payroll.
FREEAuto-add repeat payables to every new hire.
FREEHover for detailed calculation notes.
FREEAuto-review pending expenses on payday.
FREEUpload an image, or attach a photo to each expense.
FREEAdd notes to expense claims.
FREEAdvanced amount calculation options.
FREEAdvanced payment repeat options.
FREEControl start and end dates for repeating payments.
Advanced approval flows
FREESubmit expense claims for admin approval.
FREEApprovals and declines directly from your inbox.
FREEApproved expenses instantly show on the paystub.
FREEAdmins can submit expenses for others.
FREEApproved expense notification by email.
FREEEffortless resubmission of declined expense claims.
FREEStudent & postgraduate loans management.
FREEIntegrated payee banking setup & payroll giving.
FREEYearly repeating bonuses, e.g. Christmas bonus.
HMRC compliant expenses
FREEAll HMRC expense or benefit types fully supported.
FREEClass 1A "company arranged" benefits.
FREENon-class 1A "employee arranged" benefits.
FREETax-free qualifying home moving costs.
FREEAdd one-time benefits-in-kind.
FREEAdd repeating benefits-in-kind.
FREEDeduct an agreed co-pay amount from an employee's pay.
FREEDeduct for CCJs or other monthly amounts.
FREEFull pre-tax and post-tax expense controls.
Vehicle expenses
FREECompany vehicle "private use" expenses.
FREEEmployer private fuel payments.
FREEMulti-person company vehicle sharing.
FREELook-up vehicle CO2 emissions.
FREEDeduct for the private use of a company vehicle.
FREEEmployee capital contributions to a company car.
FREECompany van expenses.
FREEMileage allowance management.
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FREE+100% cloud solution.
FREE+Install on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE+"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREE+Permissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREE+Add as many people as you want.
FREE+Setup as many orgs as you want.
FREE+Jump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREE+Free support ... We're here Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, UK time.
FREE+No third party vendors or APIs required.
FREE+No extra logins or licenses required.

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