Unlimited free employee offboarding, disciplinaries, hearings, suspensions, dismissals, and resignations. Synced directly with your payroll. Fully recognized by HMRC.

Automate your... 

All-in-one termination toolkit

Tailor your disciplinaries. Start with file notes. Then escalate to write-ups, hearings, and suspensions. Talk to the AI for its recommendations.

Escalate as needed. Capture the details.

Auto calculated. Periods and pay numbers.

Fair & balanced

Automated online disciplinary and hearing paperwork. With only a few taps, have perfectly customized disciplinary docs.

Why write it yourself? Select a template.

Modify the templates. Keep your process.

Step-by-step guidance

Every HR automation has notes, previews, and adjustable settings. You're always in control with each person's file notes, write-ups, and more.

Paper-trail perfection. All in one place.

Get the big picture. Month-by-month tally.

Discuss with dignity.

There's usually a better way. Get free step-by-step guidance on some of your most difficult disciplinaries, hearings, suspensions, dismissals, and resignations.

Guiding you


Offboarding really is free for all!

Really free?  1st FREE Offboarding really is free for all! Use all our free features and pay nothing. Use all the disciplinaries, hearings, suspensions, dismissals, and resignations you want. They're all free!

Any limits?  Have all the people and logins you want. All the disciplinary file notes and write-ups you want! All the compliance automation you've always wanted!

Questions?  Get answers. Our free support team's here to help.

Can I trust you guys?  We won't spam you. Your data's safe. We won't sell or lend your private info. There's no 30 day, or other trial periods.

How's this free?  Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

We think you'll love it!

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Offboarding features

FREEAuto written disciplinary docs.
FREERecorded events for each person.
FREEMonth-by-month disciplinaries tally.
FREEAuto recommendation of best matching disciplinary.
FREEIssue minor disciplinaries as a file note.
FREEExpand any disciplinary to see its details.
FREEStrike erroneous disciplinaries.
Resignations & hearings
FREERecord accepted resignations.
FREERecord disputed resignations.
FREEArchive resignation letters.
FREECalculates minimum resignation periods.
FREEAdjust resignation period duration.
FREEIssue disciplinaries that include a hearing.
FREEAuto written hearing invitation docs.
Offboarding docs
FREESee notes & adjust settings on all automated tasks.
FREEUse pick-lists to speed up doc drafting.
FREEClearly see how each doc will look.
FREESee previews of all automated emails.
FREEClone and customize your own default docs.
FREESet different default docs for each pay batch.
FREEOption to turn off the doc auto suggest.
FREEAuto written dismissal docs.
FREECalculates minimum notice periods.
FREEDismissal for gross misconduct.
FREEDismissal with work 'til last day.
FREEDismissal during first month.
FREEDismissal with garden leave.
FREEGarden leave pay auto added to pay.
FREEDismissal with pay in lieu.
FREEPay in lieu auto added to final pay.
FREEReminder on disciplinaries waiting for doc send.
FREETrack paid & unpaid suspension periods.
FREE+100% cloud solution.
FREE+Install on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE+"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREE+Permissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREE+Add as many people as you want.
FREE+Setup as many orgs as you want.
FREE+Jump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREE+Free support ... We're here Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, UK time.
FREE+No third party vendors or APIs required.
FREE+No extra logins or licenses required.

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