Payroll & HR

Payroll for CIS construction industry workers, including emailed PDS statements, and your monthly CIS return. Fully recognized by HMRC.

CIS monthly submission

Your CIS submissions all securely stored. Download CIS submission PDFs, even years later, and instantly verify each CIS contractor.

HMRC verify. Instantly verify contractors.

Nil returns. Guidance with going on hold.

PDS wages without worries

All CIS contractors are automatically emailed their PDS as a PDF, every time they're paid. Including qualifying CIS expenses or invoices.

Payments. Per hour, day, month, or job.

CIS monthly return. Tap and it's done.

Built-in timesheets & expenses

We'll store a history of all your HMRC submissions so you don't have to. Use the free built-in timesheets, or continue with your existing timesheet system.

Track time. Pay per hour with timesheets.

For all. Sole traders, companies & more.

Effortlessly diligent.

Get the best gear. Some jobs are tougher than others. Might as well start out with the right equipment.

Craftsmanship begins

With choosing
the right tool.



per person

Minimum £19.95/mth, per org
(includes 5 people)

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How do I move to ULTRA?  ULTRA is only for orgs that want Pension Filing or CIS. They're both optional. Similar to PRO, if we auto-detect Pension Filing or CIS, you're billed £3.99. But only for the people who actually use Pension Filing or CIS for that month (they're now on ULTRA).

What's the ULTRA minimum?  ULTRA has a £19.95 minimum per month, again, only if at least one of your people actually uses Pension Filing or CIS that month. If not, then there's no ULTRA fee for that month.

What's CIS?  CIS is payroll tax for builders, and subcontractors. As it's part of ULTRA, your cost for CIS is £3.99 per person, per month (£19.95 minimum applies).

Any hidden costs?  There's no hidden or setup costs. All prices are +VAT @20% (reverse charge).

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CIS Construction Industry Scheme features

CIS verification
ULTRASupports 11-13 digit verification references.
ULTRAModifiable CIS deduction percent.
ULTRAInstant verification of CIS status.
ULTRASupports sole traders, partnerships, companies, etc.
ULTRAExisting CIS sole trader can switch to being a company.
CIS Payment & Deduction statement (PDS)
ULTRAPDS auto-sent by email.
ULTRAPDS attached as a PDF.
ULTRAHistorical download of all PDSs.
ULTRAUnregistered CIS subcontractor handling.
CIS monthly return
ULTRAReminder for CIS monthly submission.
ULTRASupports CIS monthly re-submission.
ULTRAHMRC confirmation receipt storage.
ULTRANil return handling.
ULTRAPause CIS reminders for 6 months.
Manage contractors & payments
ULTRAConvert existing employees to CIS subcontractors.
ULTRAList overview of all CIS subcontractors.
ULTRAChange details and re-verify existing CIS subcontractors.
ULTRAAuto re-verification of CIS subcontractors.
ULTRAPay hourly, with built-in timesheets.
ULTRAPay hourly, with your external timesheet system.
ULTRAPay by invoiced CIS labour.
ULTRABundle CIS material payments, as invoiced.
FREE+100% cloud solution.
FREE+Install on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE+"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREE+Permissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREE+Add as many people as you want.
FREE+Setup as many orgs as you want.
FREE+Jump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREE+Free support ... We're here Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, UK time.
FREE+No third party vendors or APIs required.
FREE+No extra logins or licenses required.

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