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Unlimited free employee onboarding, synced directly with your payroll. Fully recognized by HMRC.

All-in-one onboarding

Starting with a P45, get your new hires 100% set up. All in one place, and all in one go.

Verify NIs. Instantly verify new hire NIs.

Right-to-work. Verify new hire docs.

Agreement & doc signing

Speed up your onboarding flow with doc auto-signing, and doc auto-sending for agreements, notices, and letters.

Track completion. Know who's waiting.

Collect signatures. Track onboarding.

Student loans, tax, & much more

Onboard everyone's student loans, tax codes, time off, pensions, and more, all in one go from any phone, tablet, or PC.

Mobile friendly. Self-onboarding.

Pre-onboarding. New hire template.


Start on the right footing. You've always been serious with hiring. Now get seriously fun with onboarding.

You only get one shot

To make a great
first impression!

Onboarding really is free for all!

Really free?  1st FREE Onboarding really is free for all! Use all our free features and pay nothing. Have all the employee and contractor onboarding you want. They're all free!

Any limits?  Have all the people and logins you want. Sign, send, and track all the onboarding docs you want! Track onboarding completion like you've always wanted!

Questions?  Get answers. Our free support team's here to help.

Can I trust you guys?  We won't spam you. Your data's safe. We won't sell or lend your private info. There's no 30 day, or other trial periods.

How's this free?  Our journey to being the world's best money services platform, starts with us having the world's lowest pricing.

We think you'll love it!

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Onboarding features

Right-to-work + P45
FREEAdd new hires based on their P45 info.
FREEVerify new hire's NI numbers on the spot.
FREEOnboard with student loans, tax codes, and more.
FREEUse passport to confirm right-to-work.
FREEUse birth certificate to confirm right-to-work.
FREEUse GOV.UK share code to confirm right-to-work.
FREEResume onboarding at any time.
Completion tracking
FREESpeed up onboarding docs with auto-sign, and auto-send.
FREETrack onboarding completion by admin vs new hire.
FREETrack your entire org's onboarding completion.
FREETrack your entire org's agreement completion.
FREESpeed up your onboarding by setting defaults.
FREESet default agreement docs and expiry months.
FREEBuilt-in onboarding email reminder.
Self onboarding
FREESelf onboarding lets new hires enter their own details.
FREENew hires automatically get a login invite email.
FREEPut a face to the name. New hires can add their portrait photo.
FREENew hires are auto shown their docs when they first sign in.
FREENew hires can enter their own payday banking details.
FREENew hires can see their own unfinished onboarding tasks.
FREEUse the template to collect a new hire's employment info.
Onboarding docs
FREEQueue, sign, and send unlimited onboarding docs.
FREESelect from 10+ UK specific onboarding templates.
FREECo-sign agreements by both employer and employee.
FREETrack status of each new hire's employment agreement.
FREEAgreements auto embed the new hire's pay and hours, etc.
FREEQueue docs based on the new hire's job grade.
FREEQueue docs based on the new hire's pay batch.
FREEChoose and customize your org's agreement docs
FREETrack agreeement start (and optional end) dates.
FREE+100% cloud solution.
FREE+Install on any device (optional). iOS, Android, PC, tablet.
FREE+"Who changed what" audit history throughout.
FREE+Permissions enforced privacy on all data.
FREE+Add as many people as you want.
FREE+Setup as many orgs as you want.
FREE+Jump between each of your orgs anytime.
FREE+Free support ... We're here Mon-Fri, 8 am to 5 pm, UK time.
FREE+No third party vendors or APIs required.
FREE+No extra logins or licenses required.

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