Exact, to the penny

We use 15 different imaginary taxpayers to exactly match all 10,000 of HMRC's model tax calculations.

Each of these tax calculations are matched to the penny, giving us recognition from HMRC that our tax software is 100% correct.

And, of course, we sit down and re-verify them all with HMRC every year.

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Calculations confirmed by HMRC

Watch & learn

We've made 308 videos, explaining every part of 1st Money.

Every feature has a matching video tutorial, so you can get straight to an answer with only one tap. In fact, there's one right here...    

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Help videos

Ask anything

We've created 2,800 answers to questions about every part of 1st Money.

A search bar is built into the top of every page, so you can search for answers with only one tap.

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Questions answered

Everything. Clicked.

Every night, we use robots to do 12,000 taps through 1st Money on 6,000 pathways. This pushes our test server's 8-core CPU to 100% for over 6 hours straight.

On each pathway, a tiny robot taps a different path through 1st Money as fast as the CPU allows.

If the robot spots anything wrong, it takes some screenshots and notes, so we can put up a fix the very next day.

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Clicks every night


Every developer, twice a day, runs thousands of asserts to test our software. This includes 10,000 tax asserts, and 21,000 system asserts. That's 34,000 in total.

This makes sure that day-to-day software changes don't accidentally break our existing code.

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Unit test asserts

Squeaky clean

Every developer, twice a day, runs 1,500 code checks. These code checks scan the 6,600 files in our codebase, looking for things to improve in the code.

This way, each day's changes are continuously scrubbed clean.

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Daily code checks

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