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Sending a P452:41

"How does a person's P45 get sent when the person leaves?" 

The P45 is a form a leaving person gives to their next employer. 

A person's P45 is emailed out to them automatically when their final paystub is paid and filed. 

To send a person's P45: 

  1. First, select the person who's leaving on:
    Menu > People
  2. Now, go to:
    HR > End employment
  3. Scroll down and set the person's:
    Date employment ended
  4. Next, ignore the pop-up and click: Save 
  5. And finally, pay the person's final paystub. 

To pay a person's final paystub: 

  1. First, click: Final paystub 
  2. Once the panel slides out on the right, scroll down and click: Go to "Pay now" report 
  3. Next, click: Pay now 
  4. And finally, click: Yes ... pay it 

Now that the person's paystub's being paid and filed with HMRC. 

In a few seconds you'll see a green check to show that the "Pay now" was filed successfully. If it's not there, look back later to see if it's updated. 

If you click the green check on the person's row, you'll see a page confirming the person's final paystub has been filed. 

Paying and filing a person's final paystub: 

  • Automatically sends a person's P45 to their personal email as a PDF attachment. 
  • If a person hasn't entered a personal email, their P45 is sent to their work email instead. 

When the person gets their P45 in their email, the person scrolls to the bottom, to see the person's P45 attached as a PDF. 

The person's P45 includes: 

  • Their earnings for the year. 
  • It also includes how much tax the person's been paid for the year. 

To learn more: 

  • About how to prove a person's P45's been sent, or how to re-download a copy of a P45, watch the video on: Finding a sent P45 

Keep in mind that: 

  • When a person starts their next job, the person needs their P45 to tell their new employer their tax code and other employment details. 
  • Once a person's P45 is sent it can't be changed or updated. HMRC requires that there's only one P45 per employment. 

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about how a person's P45 gets sent! 

Updated: Sat, Apr 15, 2023.

Finding a sent P451:29

"How do I find a person's P45, or prove one's been sent?" 

You might need to re-download a person's P45 if the person can't find their copy. 

To find a person's P45: 

  1. First, select the person on:
    Menu > People
  2. Scroll down to: See P45 
  3. Alternatively, the second way to find a person's P45 is to click:
    Pay > Tax forms history
  4. And finally, look for: "P45 sent" 

To learn more: 

  • About what to do if the person's P45 isn't listed, and may never have been sent, watch the video on: Sending a P45 

To see what's on a person's P45, and download it: 

  1. First, you can see when it was sent. 
  2. You can also see which email the person's P45 was originally sent to. 
  3. And finally, you can click Download PDF to re-download a copy of the person's original P45. 

Even if a person's been deleted, you can always re-download their P45, even years later. 

To learn more: 

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about finding a person's P45, and proving it's been sent! 

Updated: Sat, Apr 15, 2023.

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