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To set payroll admin:

  • Go to: Person > Settings > Permissions > Payroll admin ...


  • Only someone who already has "Payroll Edit" permissions can assign payroll permissions to another person.
  • Your own permissions can't be changed (to prevent lock out).
Updated: Sun, 16 May 2021. Keywords: give, transfer, access. Headings: `What setting lets you see people's pay?`, `Who can edit pay rates?`, `Where do I promote someone to payroll admin?`

It's easy to add more people as managers or supervisors:

If your name's not in the list, turn on your role as:

  • Manager:

    You > HR > Roles > Turn on as a m...

  • Supervisor:

    You > HR > Roles > Turn on as a s...

Note: Only org admins can set these features. To see if you're an "Org admin":

  • Go to: You > Settings > Permissions > Org admin perm...
Updated: Tue, 21 Sep 2021. Keywords: more, show, permission. Headings: `How do you get someone to show in the list of managers and supervisors?`, `What are roles?`, `How do I remove an employee as a manager or supervisors?`

To "Temporarily block access" (blocks a person from logging in, without deleting them):

  • Go to: Person > Settings > Permissions > Temporarily bl...

Once set, this person can't log in to your org, until you turn it off again.

All their other settings remain "as is", they just won't have any access.

Updated: Tue, 20 Jul 2021. Keywords: limit, restrict. Headings: `How do I stop an employee from logging in?`, `Do I delete someone if I don't want them to log in?`

© 2020–2022 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.