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How do I get the sub-total hours for each person's pay period?

1st FREE Time & Attendance works with your existing payroll system. After ending a pay period, get sub-totals of hours worked on each payslip.

To see the done time for each person's pay period:

  1. Set up a new pay batch (if you haven't already):

    Go to: > Pay batches > New pay batch

  2. Set up the payday cycle, so it exactly matches your external payroll:

    Go to: Pay batch > Paydays

  3. Add people to that pay batch:

    Go to: Pay batch > More > Add people

  4. To see done time (which now matches the pay period's date started and ended):
    1. For the entire pay batch:

      Go to: Pay batch > Pay > Pay now

    2. For a single person:
      1. Open a person's payslip:

        Go to: Payslip

      2. Click:

        More > Details

Now you're all set!

  • After a pay period, get sub-totals of hours worked on each:

    Go to: Payslip

  • Copy and paste them into your payroll system.

If you do these steps at a later date, we still back calculate all the sub-totals and display them on each payslip.

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© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.