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 00:00 1.  How to pay payslips each payday.
 00:03 2.  To get started, navigate to    Pay batches , and click your pay batch.
 00:13 3.  On the "To-do" tab, click today's "Payday".
 00:21 4.  Review the details for each payslip, including penalties and payables.
 00:28 5.  To see more details about a payslip click edit.
 00:41 6.  If you aren't ready to pay someone yet, you can skip paying their payslip by turning off the row; you can always come back and pay them later
 00:50 7.  When you're all ready, click "Pay now".
 00:55 8.  1st Money can send an email to each employee, and download a PDF of all the payslips in case you'd like to print them.
 01:02 9.  Finally, click "Yes" to pay your payslips.
 01:06 10.  1st Money'll now send payslip emails and record this payday in the "Paid" report so you can view it later.
 01:13 11.  You can also check your inbox for a PDF of all the payslips that've been paid.
 01:18 12.  Once your payslips have been processed, you just have to make the payment to finish this payday.
 01:24 13.  Now all the payslips have been emailed, and you can relax, because all your payslips have been processed.

© 2020–2021 1st Money Platform (HU) Ventures. All rights reserved.