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Seeing all change history2:13

"How do I see all changes made to a person, location, etc?" 

History stores all the changes made in 1st Money over time. It shows you what was changed, who made the change, and when the change was made. 

To see all changes to a person, location, etc: 

  1. First, select the person, location, etc on: Menu > People 
  2. Then click: More > History 
  3. And finally, history shows you changes made over the last 30 days. 

To show history changes going back 90 days: 

  • Click: Show settings > Dates > Previous 90 days 

To see more details on any change: 

  1. First, click the row. 
  2. Now, you'll see a lot more details about the change. 
  3. As you'd expect, some change history is considered private. 
  4. And finally, if a person doesn't have "View ... payroll admin" permissions, then private changes, like a change in pay, have some details hidden. 

Now, switching person. You're now logged in as a person who's got "Full org admin" but is limited to "No payroll admin" permissions. 

As an org admin: 

  • You can see most of another person's change history. 
  • However, if your org admin isn't also a payroll admin, your org admin can't see what a person's pay was changed to. 
  • When an org admin clicks on the row showing a change in pay rate, their access is limited. 
  • Your org admin can see who made the change, and when it was changed, just not the amount. 

To copy a link to an item in change history: 

  1. First, click the three-dots: (on the far left) 
  2. Then click:  Copy link 
  3. And finally, an org admin could then send that link to a payroll admin to review. 

To find out who payroll admins are: 

  1. First, click the "payroll admins" link. 
  2. Then select from the list of all the people who've got payroll admin permissions. 
  3. And finally, any payroll admin can see the pay rate of any person, including all of its change history. 

And that's it! That's all you need to do to look up any change in 1st Money ... even going back years! 

Updated: Tue, Mar 14, 2023.

Change history ... for a single field1:27

"How do I see who's made changes to a field?" 

As a company, multiple people often have admin permissions to make changes. It's sometimes useful to see what changes were made, who made the changes, and when. 1st Money has full change history built-in. History's where you go to see everybody's changes. 

To see who's made changes to a field: 

  1. First, hover your mouse over the row where the field is. 
  2. This reveals three-dots: (on the far left) 
  3. When you click it, a menu opens. 
  4. Then when you click the "History" button on this menu, a panel slides out on the right, listing the change history for this row. 
  5. In the history, you'll see of every change that's been made. 
  6. You'll also see who made the changes. 
  7. And finally, this listing, by default, shows any changes that've happened to the selected fields over the last 36 months. 

To lengthen or shorten a date range: 

  1. First, click: Show settings > Dates 
  2. And finally, pick a date range. 

To see more details about a change: 

  1. First, click the row. 
  2. And finally, you'll now see further details appear on the right. 

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about seeing change history of any field in 1st Money, even going back years! 

Updated: Tue, Mar 14, 2023.

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