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As soon as you've sent the invite, you're shown that person's settings. Start configuring these without delay.

The more you set now, the more "ready" it's going to be when they log in.

To see what's recommended to be set (at a minimum):

  • Go to: Person > Person > Admin onboarded
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To change your login password:

  1. Go to: You > Person
  2. Down the page, look for: "Password"
  3. On that row, click: change password
  4. Look in your email inbox.
  5. Follow the instructions (in the email) to securely change your password.
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Changing password0:59

"How do I change my password?" 

It's a good idea to change your password once in a while. This helps to protect your payroll and salary settings, and improves your account's safety. 

To change your password: 

  1. First, click: Menu 
  2. Then click: Change Password 
  3. Now, type your new password. 
  4. Finally, click: Save new password 

If your password's too short: 

  1. You'll see this warning. 
  2. Now type in a password that's at least 8 characters. 
  3. Then, click: Save new password 
  4. The password change has been successful, and you'll now see this message. 

Make sure: 

  • Your new password is 8 characters or longer. 
  • And that your password has at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. 

And that's it! That's how you can change your password! 

Updated: Thu, Apr 7, 2022. Keywords: security. Headings: `Can I reset my password?`

To change a password:

  1. Go to: Person > Person
  2. Go down the page, to: "Self onboarded"
  3. Look for: "Password"

If it's for yourself:

  • Click: "change password" (it takes you to the page to type your new password)

If it's for someone else:

  • Click: "resend password reset" (it sends an email asking them to change their password)

To temporarily block a person:

  • Go to: Person > Settings > Permissions > Temporarily...

Other people's password can't be changed by you. Instead, send them a request to others to change their password.

Updated: Tue, Jul 20, 2021. Keywords: modify, another, security. Headings: `How do I reset my login password?`, `How do I send a password update reminder email?`

Logging out1:17

"How do I log out of 1st Money?" 

When you go to the login screen of 1st Money, you've got the option to turn on the "Keep me logged in" option. Turning this on means you won't be asked to login again for 30 days. 

Let's login: 

  1. By entering our password. 
  2. Then turning on: Keep me logged in 
  3. And then clicking: Log in 
  4. You're now logged in, and won't be asked to log in again for 30 days. 

Even if you close your browser or restart your device, you'll still be able to get straight back in by simply typing "1st.money" into this browser, on this device. If you log in on a different browser, or on a different device, you'll be asked to log in again. Any other login won't affect this login. 

If you want to end your 30 days session early, you can just log out. 

To log out: 

  1. Click through to: Work-time menu > Log out 
  2. You'll now be logged out, and brought back to the login page. 

And that's it! That's how to log out of 1st Money! 

Updated: Thu, Apr 7, 2022. Keywords: sign out, leave, finish. Headings: `How do I log myself out?`, `How do I exit my login?`

If you didn't get the email, first look in your "Spam" folder.

If your admin's sent you an "invite" to signup, by email, and it's not arrived in your email inbox:

  1. Look in your "Spam" folder.
  2. Ensure that your admin has spelt your email correctly.
  3. Ask your admin to:
    • Go to: Person > Person
    • Go down the page, to: "Self onboarded"
    • Look for: "Invited"
    • Click: resend invite

If all else fails, try sending the invite to a different email.

Updated: Tue, Jul 20, 2021. Keywords: junk, trash, send, mail. Headings: `How do I resend the login invite email?`, `I can't find the email to onboard. How can it be resent?`

By turning on  keep me logged in at log in, you get a session for 30 days. You won't be asked to re-enter your password for 30 days (on that device).

Once the 30 days your session expires, you're automatically returned to log in.

To log out manually:

  • Click: Work-time menu > Log out

To protect your security (on a shared device):

  • Don't use:  keep me logged in
  • When you're finished:
    • log out (as shown above).
    • Or, close the browser window (this also clears non-30 day sessions).
Updated: Tue, Jul 20, 2021. Keywords: access, authentication. Headings: `How do I disconnect my login session?`, `How can I clear any remembered sessions?`, `What precautions can I take when I log in on my friends device?`, `What's keep me logged in?`

If you've forgotten your password, reset your password with these steps:

  1. Go to: 1st.money/login
  2. Click: Forgot?
  3. Type your: "Login email"
  4. Click: Send password reset
  5. Look in your email inbox.

You get an email with instructions on resetting your password.

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