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1. How and where do I physically position my TimeSpot devices?

Using TimeSpots2:34

"How and where do I physically position my TimeSpot devices?"

The physical placement of your TimeSpot devices can make all the difference in getting your people to reliably clock-out and clock-in timesheet times.

When choosing the tablet or phone to install TimeSpot onto:

  • Use any iOS or Android tablet or phone. All it needs is wi-fi, a camera, and a charging cable.
  • If you're placing it in an unsupervised or public location, you might want to try an iOS or Android phone that's already a few years old.
  • You'll find that TimeSpot also runs quite well, even on older iOS and Android phones, including those that are 4-5 years old.
  • However, be sure to connect the device to the local wi-fi. Alternatively, if there's no wi-fi, TimeSpot also runs fine over a data connection. Its data usage is very low.
  • Once it's opened to the welcome screen, the TimeSpot app automatically switches the tablet or phone to "Screen always on" mode.
  • All you've got to do is make sure that it's plugged in to the wall, so it never runs out of power.

Now for some suggestions on the best ideas for physical placement:

  • Put a TimeSpot device in each entrance to your buildings. That way no matter how your people enter your workplace, your people can use a TimeSpot device.
  • The easiest way to mount the TimeSpot device is to buy a: "gooseneck phone holder clamp"
  • You can search for the words "gooseneck phone holder clamp" on either Amazon or Temu.
  • Be sure to select the one that attaches to the table with a screw clamp. That way, it won't move about when the screen's tapped by your people.
  • On Amazon, a phone holder costs about £8 and could arrive the next day. On Temu, it costs half that, but could take ten days to arrive.
  • Once your phone holder arrives, attach it to any surface near the entrance, and then adjust its height and position.
  • It's best to have it angled slightly upwards, so it's usable by people of different heights.
  • And don't forget to clock-in a timesheet time for yourself, to make sure it's all working correctly.

To learn more:

  • About installing and connecting the app for a TimeSpot, watch the video on: TimeSpot setup

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about physically positioning your TimeSpot devices!

Updated: Thu, May 23, 2024.

© 2020–2024 1st Money UK Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.