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How we keep our software reliable5:41
How we keep our software reliable
1 videos, with playing time of 5 minutes

Adding a pre-verified CIS subcontractor2:25
Adding a pre-verified CIS subcontractor
Change subcontractor's deduction percentage0:38
Change subcontractor's deduction percentage
Adding an un-verified CIS subcontractor3:31
Adding an un-verified CIS subcontractor
Reverifying a CIS subcontractor1:07
Reverifying a CIS subcontractor
Changing a CIS subcontractor's details1:16
Changing a CIS subcontractor's details
Filing the "CIS monthly"1:50
Filing the "CIS monthly"
6 videos, with playing time of 10 minutes

Submitting expense claims1:32
Submitting expense claims
Resubmitting expense claims1:12
Resubmitting expense claims
Approving expense claims1:16
Approving expense claims
Declining expense claims0:40
Declining expense claims
Ways of adding expense claims1:26
Ways of adding expense claims
Deleting an expense claim0:55
Deleting an expense claim
6 videos, with playing time of 6 minutes

One time benefit in kind2:56
One time benefit in kind
Repeating benefit in kind3:15
Repeating benefit in kind
Qualifying moving costs3:28
Qualifying moving costs
Deductions for benefit in kind1:04
Deductions for benefit in kind
Adding everyone to a repeat payable1:37
Adding everyone to a repeat payable
Deleting a repeat payable1:18
Deleting a repeat payable
Repeat payable advanced settings4:46
Repeat payable advanced settings
Employee arranged benefit0:47
Employee arranged benefit
Company arranged benefit0:54
Company arranged benefit
9 videos, with playing time of 19 minutes

Setting up a company vehicle3:46
Setting up a company vehicle
Finding a vehicle benefit1:13
Finding a vehicle benefit
Sharing a vehicle2:33
Sharing a vehicle
Paystub deductions for private use1:34
Paystub deductions for private use
Private fuel1:55
Private fuel
Person pays part of car cost2:29
Person pays part of car cost
Mileage allowance3:34
Mileage allowance
7 videos, with playing time of 16 minutes

Creating a bookmark1:27
Creating a bookmark
Creating locations2:13
Creating locations
Seeing all change history2:05
Seeing all change history
Using email signatures1:43
Using email signatures
Adding people to a location1:55
Adding people to a location
Changing bookmarks1:33
Changing bookmarks
Customizing the default email signature1:27
Customizing the default email signature
Change history ... for a single field1:27
Change history ... for a single field
Deleting a location1:50
Deleting a location
Sharing bookmarks1:11
Sharing bookmarks
Showing bookmarks at "Finish"1:21
Showing bookmarks at "Finish"
Using inserts in bookmarks1:34
Using inserts in bookmarks
Deleting a bookmark1:39
Deleting a bookmark
Changing password1:04
Changing password
Log in & log out1:33
Log in & log out
Changing wallpaper & theme1:39
Changing wallpaper & theme
Your home screen1:33
Your home screen
Emailing yourself a reminder1:07
Emailing yourself a reminder
Finding a deleted person1:48
Finding a deleted person
Deleted items1:38
Deleted items
The "Jump" menu1:16
The "Jump" menu
Using keyboard shortcuts2:30
Using keyboard shortcuts
The "People" report2:38
The "People" report
The side menu2:27
The side menu
24 videos, with playing time of 39 minutes

Sending a letter or doc1:31
Sending a letter or doc
Show to1:09
Show to
Downloading & printing0:46
Downloading & printing
Making a new letter or doc1:05
Making a new letter or doc
Docs & letters1:05
Docs & letters
6 videos, with playing time of 6 minutes

Confirming "Right to work"5:18
Confirming "Right to work"
1 videos, with playing time of 5 minutes

Setting the week's first day1:19
Setting the week's first day
Creating a new org3:39
Creating a new org
Assessment metrics2:45
Assessment metrics
Using job grades2:37
Using job grades
Suggested departments1:49
Suggested departments
Suggested divisions1:46
Suggested divisions
Suggested job titles1:46
Suggested job titles
Who sees org charts?2:01
Who sees org charts?
Org chart changes1:47
Org chart changes
Org chart PDFs1:08
Org chart PDFs
Admin org charts2:13
Admin org charts
The "Actions" report2:06
The "Actions" report
The "Log ins" report1:54
The "Log ins" report
13 videos, with playing time of 25 minutes

Changing PDF paper size1:36
Changing PDF paper size
Deleting a pay batch1:11
Deleting a pay batch
Pay now full2:19
Pay now full
The "Already paid" report2:58
The "Already paid" report
Sending paystubs2:59
Sending paystubs
Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)1:27
Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)
The "HMRC notices" history2:41
The "HMRC notices" history
Setting the pay batch3:00
Setting the pay batch
Payday admins1:58
Payday admins
9 videos, with playing time of 19 minutes

Sending a P452:52
Sending a P45
Sending a P602:27
Sending a P60
Finding a sent P451:26
Finding a sent P45
Checking paystubs before paying3:35
Checking paystubs before paying
EPS: Opening the EPS monthly1:23
EPS: Opening the EPS monthly
Types of pay schedules2:49
Types of pay schedules
Changing your pay schedule1:26
Changing your pay schedule
Paystub hours worked1:51
Paystub hours worked
EPS: No payroll payments1:02
EPS: No payroll payments
Paystub tax filing status1:16
Paystub tax filing status
Setting payday dates1:26
Setting payday dates
EPS: Employment Allowance1:30
EPS: Employment Allowance
Bridging from one pay schedule to another2:22
Bridging from one pay schedule to another
Downloading & printing paystubs2:36
Downloading & printing paystubs
Deleting a paystub2:28
Deleting a paystub
Deleting a pay schedule2:07
Deleting a pay schedule
EPS: Apprenticeship Levy1:26
EPS: Apprenticeship Levy
EPS: Bank account changes0:53
EPS: Bank account changes
EPS: Closing business0:53
EPS: Closing business
Filing the EPS monthly0:55
Filing the EPS monthly
Changing an EPS2:15
Changing an EPS
Adding your payday bank account2:13
Adding your payday bank account
Adding the bank account to pay payroll1:30
Adding the bank account to pay payroll
Deleting a payday bank account1:07
Deleting a payday bank account
Tax forms history2:05
Tax forms history
Doing split payday payments2:38
Doing split payday payments
Minimum wage restrictions2:36
Minimum wage restrictions
Payrolling benefits & P11D's4:16
Payrolling benefits & P11D's
Employment type4:07
Employment type
Entering a National Insurance number1:38
Entering a National Insurance number
Scheduling a future pay rate2:07
Scheduling a future pay rate
The NI category letter2:10
The NI category letter
Pay rate all5:50
Pay rate all
Tracking minimum wage2:32
Tracking minimum wage
Setting tax codes1:45
Setting tax codes
Setting directorships1:17
Setting directorships
Multi-paystub PDF1:19
Multi-paystub PDF
Setting up as an paid preparer1:38
Setting up as an paid preparer
Setting up your HMRC connection1:45
Setting up your HMRC connection
Temporarily halting pay1:28
Temporarily halting pay
Target hours2:05
Target hours
The pay summary1:51
The pay summary
Advanced tax settings1:43
Advanced tax settings
Show pay as...1:39
Show pay as...
Tax for veterans2:20
Tax for veterans
Previous employment1:57
Previous employment
47 videos, with playing time of 2 hours (total of 93 minutes)

Deleting a person1:50
Deleting a person
Seeing all your people's activity1:35
Seeing all your people's activity
Following & ghosting2:52
Following & ghosting
Setting your PDF doc PIN1:49
Setting your PDF doc PIN
Childbirth & maternity certificate1:26
Childbirth & maternity certificate
Setting date of birth1:14
Setting date of birth
Setting date joined1:35
Setting date joined
Setting your name1:26
Setting your name
Managers & supervisors3:21
Managers & supervisors
IQ score1:36
IQ score
Setting contact details1:24
Setting contact details
Setting your doc signature1:34
Setting your doc signature
Emergency contact info1:00
Emergency contact info
Setting gender and name title1:08
Setting gender and name title
Setting the language1:12
Setting the language
Medical & doctor info0:57
Medical & doctor info
Personal info & home address3:06
Personal info & home address
Typing speed2:36
Typing speed
Employee ID1:59
Employee ID
Light and dark themes0:59
Light and dark themes
Updating your portrait1:13
Updating your portrait
The 12-month calendar3:24
The 12-month calendar
Confidential notes1:38
Confidential notes
No admin permissions2:23
No admin permissions
Org admin permissions1:31
Org admin permissions
Payroll admin permissions1:55
Payroll admin permissions
Temporarily blocking access1:54
Temporarily blocking access
27 videos, with playing time of 46 minutes

Using projects2:33
Using projects
Creating projects2:02
Creating projects
Workers in projects3:21
Workers in projects
Owners in projects2:36
Owners in projects
Observers in projects2:02
Observers in projects
The project summary1:30
The project summary
Deleting a project1:47
Deleting a project
7 videos, with playing time of 15 minutes

Using timesheets2:16
Using timesheets
Copying planned times2:33
Copying planned times
Deleting a timesheet1:45
Deleting a timesheet
Overwrite planned time with done time1:22
Overwrite planned time with done time
Adjusting the absence trigger2:25
Adjusting the absence trigger
Starting, and going on break2:07
Starting, and going on break
Finishing up your working day1:13
Finishing up your working day
Locked timesheets1:31
Locked timesheets
Limiting timesheet edits1:57
Limiting timesheet edits
Time slider steps1:10
Time slider steps
Dismissing absences1:07
Dismissing absences
Working past midnight1:56
Working past midnight
Switching projects0:58
Switching projects
Attendance averages1:45
Attendance averages
Turning on planned times1:02
Turning on planned times
The "Absences 30 days" report2:52
The "Absences 30 days" report
The "Absences list" report2:51
The "Absences list" report
The "Daily hours" and "Weekly hours" reports3:31
The "Daily hours" and "Weekly hours" reports
The "Feeling" report2:44
The "Feeling" report
The "There" report2:44
The "There" report
The "Timelines daily" report2:33
The "Timelines daily" report
The "Timelines weekly" report2:25
The "Timelines weekly" report
The daily timesheets email1:21
The daily timesheets email
Forgetting to stop your clocked-in timesheet time0:56
Forgetting to stop your clocked-in timesheet time
24 videos, with playing time of 45 minutes

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Total 187 videos, with playing time of 6 hours (total of 355 minutes)

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