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3. How do I issue a disciplinary as a file note or write-up?

Issuing a disciplinary4:25

"How do I issue a disciplinary as a file note or write-up?"

There's two kinds of disciplinary. A file note, or a write-up. Each kind has 18 subcategories. The process of selecting, preparing, issuing, and tracking receipt of disciplinaries is all automated by 1st Money.

To issue a disciplinary to a person, as a file note or write-up:

  1. First, select the person on: MenuPeople
  2. Then tap: HRDisciplinary
  3. There's two ways to select the subcategory of disciplinary.
  4. The first way to select the subcategory:
    Is to select from the list of subcategories.
  5. The second way to select the subcategory:
    Which is recommended, and much easier, is to tap: Help me pick one (at the top)
  6. You'll now see the microphone pop-up open. Start talking into your device's microphone.
  7. Explain, in your own words, what's happened that's causing you to issue a disciplinary to the person.
  8. Sometimes it may take a few sentences to explain what's happened.
  9. 1st Money then takes what you've said, and automatically recommends the subcategory of disciplinary that best matches.
  10. And finally, once you've found the subcategory of disciplinary that you're looking for, tap: Next
  11. Preparing the disciplinary:
    Now you'll need to select between "File note" or: "Write-up"
  12. File notes are for minor disciplinaries. Write-ups are a more formal record of misconduct.
  13. Once it slides out on the right, you'll see the number of tasks that 1st Money automatically does for you.
  14. To see the details of what each task does, tap: See all tasks
  15. Then tap expand all: (at the top)
  16. Some of the tasks send an email, or doc. To see a preview of any emails or docs, tap the blue links.
  17. Once you're happy with all the tasks, tap Continue, and then: Yes ... do it
  18. All the tasks are now done in the background.
  19. And finally, you'll see the disciplinary added to the six month recorded events.
  20. Issuing the disciplinary doc:
    Next, the person needs to be informed, in writing, about the disciplinary.
  21. A disciplinary doc is prepared in the foreground, all ready for you to complete and send.
  22. Read through the disciplinary doc, and tap the red pick lists, one-by-one, until you're finished.
  23. If you want to change some text, or type more text in, tap Show editor, and make your changes.
  24. Then when you're ready to send the disciplinary doc, tap Request "Got it", then Yes ... request "Got it", and then: Close
  25. Receiving the disciplinary doc:
    The person now gets an email, asking them to confirm that the disciplinary doc you've sent has been received.
  26. The person can't access the rest of 1st Money until the person's tapped Got it to the disciplinary doc.
  27. Recorded events:
    Now, on "Recorded events" tap the disciplinary, to expand it.
  28. You'll see that the doc's been sent.
  29. To see a copy of the sent doc, tap the "View" button: (at the end of the row)
  30. And finally, you'll see the status change, once the person eventually marks the doc as: "Got it"

To learn more:

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about issuing a disciplinary as a file note or write-up!

Updated: Sat, Feb 24, 2024.

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