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How do I setup an agreement doc?

Agreement doc setup6:26

"How do I setup an agreement doc?"

An agreement doc establishes the employment agreement between an employer and an employee. The agreement doc can also be a contractor agreement, a freelancing agreement, a casual services agreement, and more.

Whenever a person joins your org, as part of their onboarding, the person can be automatically shown an agreement doc for them to read and sign.

To set a pay batch's default agreement doc, and have a person sign their agreement doc:

  1. First, to set the pay batch's default agreement doc:
    Select the pay batch on: "Menu", then "Pay batches"
  2. Then tap: "HR", then "Docs ... pay batch onboarding"
  3. And scroll down to the "Onboarding agreement" heading.
  4. And select which doc you'd like to be shown to all the people who join the pay batch, as their: "Default agreement doc"
  5. To see the contents of any doc, first select any doc, then tap the "View" button:
  6. You can also set a default number of months that the agreement doc automatically expires by.
  7. To have no expiry date, leave it as zero, and the agreement doc continues on indefinitely.
  8. Then once you've finished with the agreement doc settings, tap: Save
  9. To onboard a person, and see how the agreement doc looks:
    First, tap: "Menu", "People", then "Invite a person"
  10. Once it's open, tap Add a new person, and enter the person's email and tap: Invite
  11. Next, fill in the person's name, and then set the pay batch to the one you've set the default agreement doc for.
  12. Then tap: Next
  13. Normally, you'd fill in all the onboarding details, but for the example, skip your way through to the "Set agreement" page.
  14. You'll see that the onboarding settings has correctly set the: "Agreement doc"
  15. And it's defaulted the "Date agreement started" to today, and set the "Date agreement ended" to the number of expiry months you'd previously set.
  16. As the employer, you can still change any of the settings. For example, you could even tap Leave empty and there'd be no agreement doc for the person to sign.
  17. To send an agreement doc to the person:
    Tap Next, you'll see the agreement doc queued as the first doc to send the person, with their other onboarding docs below.
  18. To start the sending process, tap: Next
  19. Set the person's work location, then tap: Next
  20. Because there's multiple new docs, you may prefer to tap Turn on auto-send, and then: Start auto send
  21. And you may prefer to turn on: "Turn on one-tap signing"
  22. Sending an agreement doc to a person is a two part signing process. First, the employer signs the agreement. Then it's sent to the person for signing.
  23. Next, to sign on behalf of the employer, as the first part of the signing process, tap: I accept & electronically sign
  24. And now, once all the onboarding docs are sent for the person, tap: Close
  25. To see a copy of the sent agreement doc, scroll to the bottom of the "Admin onboarded" list.
  26. Then for the first of the "Sent" rows, tap the "View" button: (at the end of the row)
  27. And you'll later see the doc's status change, once the person gets their login invite email, and signs the doc.
  28. To see how it looks when the person receives the agreement doc:
    If the person's new, the person gets a login invite email, for them to tap: Accept invite
  29. The person's then shown their agreement doc, for them to read through carefully.
  30. And the person can't tap Accept until the document's scrolled all the way down.
  31. Near the bottom the person can see that you've already signed it.
  32. So all that's left is for them to tap Decline, or: Accept
  33. Then once the person's tapped Accept, because it's their first time to sign anything in 1st Money, their signature needs to be added.
  34. And then tap: I accept & electronically sign
  35. One-by-one, the person's taken through all their onboarding docs.
  36. The person may also prefer to turn on: Turn on one-tap signing
  37. Once the person's read all their onboarding docs, and tapped Accept (at the bottom of each), the person can now access 1st Money.
  38. And finally, once inside 1st Money, the person can finish the rest of their set up, like taking their portrait photo.

Keep in mind that:

  • For every doc the person accepts and signs, an email's sent to them with a PDF attachment of their signed doc.
  • A copy's also stored in: "Docs history"

To learn more:

  • About tracking which of your people have an up-to-date and signed agreement doc, watch the video on: Managing agreement docs
  • To learn more about seeing all of a person's signed agreement docs, watch the video on: Docs history

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about having a person sign their agreement doc!

Updated: Tue, Jan 23, 2024.

© 2020–2024 1st Money UK Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.