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What are pay batch onboarding docs, and how do I use them?

Pay batch onboarding docs4:15

"What are pay batch onboarding docs, and how do I use them?"

Onboarding docs are shown, one-by-one, to every new hire, when the new hire joins your org. To hit 100% onboarded, new hires need to review each onboarding doc in their queue. Pay batch onboarding docs is one way to add docs to their queue.

To queue and send a pay batch's onboarding docs:

  1. First, select the pay batch on: "Menu", then "Pay batches"
  2. Then tap: "HR", then "Docs ... pay batch onboarding"
  3. By default, there's already some onboarding docs pre-selected for you.
  4. To add or remove some of the onboarding docs, tap Add docs and you'll see a list of the docs slide out on the right.
  5. To see what's written in an onboarding doc, hover your mouse over the doc's circle.
  6. To see a full preview of a doc, tap the blue "View" button: (that shows when you hover)
  7. To remove all the pre-selected onboarding docs, tap: Remove all
  8. Then to add some back, tap the onboarding docs on the left side.
  9. And once you're ready, tap: Save
  10. And you'll see a listing of your added docs.
  11. Now, to see the updated onboarding status of the pay batch's people, tap: "Settings", then "Pay batch settings"
  12. Then scroll down to the list of the pay batch's people.
  13. You'll notice that their admin onboarding percent is no longer 100%.
  14. It's no longer 100% because you've added new onboarding docs to the pay batch, but the people haven't had an admin send their new docs yet.
  15. To go to a person's onboarding list, and send their new onboarding docs now, tap the percentage.
  16. Then scroll to the bottom and tap: Continue onboarding
  17. Each of the new onboarding docs are listed with a blue switch , meaning it's queued to be sent.
  18. To start the sending process, tap Next, and then: Send
  19. However, because there's multiple new docs, you may prefer to tap Turn on auto-send, and then: Start auto send
  20. And now, once all the new onboarding docs are sent for the person, tap: Close
  21. And you'll see that the person's now 100% admin onboarded. Or, in other words, as an admin you've done all of that person's onboarding tasks.
  22. And when you tap and expand the onboarding percent, and scroll to the bottom, you'll see all the docs have been: "Sent"
  23. And then when you tap one, you'll see that the doc's status is still "Doc waiting for signing" by the person.
  24. And finally, the next time the person uses 1st Money, the person's automatically prompted to read and sign their new onboarding docs.

Keep in mind that:

  • Some docs require the person to add their signature, while other docs require the person to read it, and then mark it as: "Got it"
  • Also, as soon as you've added the pay batch's onboarding docs, the docs are then queued to be seen.
  • Including by every person that's already in the pay batch.
  • And also by any new person that's added to the pay batch at any time in the future.

You may notice:

  • That the set of docs that's in your pay batch by default is 1st Money's recommended set of onboarding docs.
  • The default onboarding docs could suit the onboarding needs of most employers.

For advanced usage:

  • The other onboarding docs, that're listed as available, but you'd still need to turn on, depending on your needs, include.
  • An: "Invention & IP disclosure agreement"
  • A: "Non-competition agreement"
  • And a: "Non-solicitation & non-dealing agreement"

To learn more:

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about setting and sending a pay batch's onboarding docs!

Updated: Tue, Jan 23, 2024.

© 2020–2024 1st Money UK Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.