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5. How do I email a letter or doc with recipient confirmation?

Letters & docs confirmed with "Got it"4:03

"How do I email a letter or doc with recipient confirmation?"

HR Docs can store your letter or doc as a reusable template, and then when it's emailed, require a confirmation from each recipient.

To store your letter or doc as "Confirmed with "Got it"", and then send it to a person:

  1. First, to create the reusable letter or doc template:
    Tap: MenuDocs ... allNew doc
  2. Then decide between "New letter" and: "New doc"
  3. Once it slides out on the right, the first thing to do is to change its type. Open the bottom menu:
  4. Then tap: Change letter type
  5. And look for: "Confirmed with "Got it""
  6. In the notes, you can see that a "reusable" letter or doc is stored for future use, and can be sent to the person by email.
  7. Also, the recipient is asked to confirm that the letter or doc's been received.
  8. Once you've set the type for your letter or doc, type in the subject and contents.
  9. Then optionally, tap the image circle and set the doc's color and image.
  10. Currently, your letter or doc, by default, is only shown to you.
  11. If you'd like others in your team to also see your template, tap Me only, and select who else can reuse it.
  12. Next, to save the template, so that it can be reused, tap: Save
  13. To open and send the letter or doc to a person:
    Tap: MenuDocs ... org's
  14. Tap the name of the doc template that you've recently created.
  15. Then select the person you'd like to send it to.
  16. Once it opens, you'll notice that it's personalized to the selected person's name and address.
  17. Next, if you're ready to email it, tap: Request "Got it" (at the bottom)
  18. And then tap: Yes ... request "Got it"
  19. Then once it's sent, you'll see the "Doc sent!" confirmation, and you can tap: Close
  20. To see how it looks when the person receives the letter or doc:
    When the person receives your email, it includes a screenshot of the first page of the PDF.
  21. Also, because you've set the doc to require confirmation, there's a blue See doc button for the person to tap through to see the entire doc.
  22. When the person taps See doc, the person's taken to 1st Money and shown the full contents of the doc.
  23. However, for now, the person's got no way to access the rest of 1st Money until the Got it button's tapped.
  24. Once the person's read the doc, and tapped Got it (at the bottom), the person can now access 1st Money again.
  25. Also, an email's now sent to the person with a PDF attachment of the letter or doc that the person's recently marked as: "Got it"
  26. To see that the doc's been marked as "Got it" in "Docs history":
    Select the person you sent it to, on: MenuPeople
  27. Then tap: DocsDocs history
  28. Once it slides out on the right, you'll see a list of all the docs that've been sent to the person.
  29. Then tap the "Docs history" row for the letter or doc you recently sent, and you'll see it marked as: "Got it"
  30. And finally, tap the blue "more" link, and you'll see even more details. Including when it was marked as "Got it", and what emails were used.

Keep in mind that:

  • When a person taps Got it, it doesn't imply that the person agrees with the contents of your letter or doc.
  • Instead, it means that the person's received the letter or doc.
  • Also, only people with full org admin permissions can create a doc confirmed with: "Got it"

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about storing and emailing a reusable template of a letter or doc, with confirmation!

Updated: Sat, Feb 24, 2024.

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