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What happens when I'm late, and file payslips after their due date?

Filing paystubs late2:45

"What happens when I'm late, and file paystubs after their due date?"

Any time that a paystub's filed late to HMRC, you're required to state your late filing reason. The reason's then forwarded to HMRC.

To see how late filing of paystubs looks:

  1. First, select the pay batch on: "Menu", then "Pay batches"
  2. Then tap: "Pay", then "People"
  3. On the "People" report, each green circle represents a filed paystub.
  4. Where there's no green circle, then that pay period's paystub hasn't been filed yet.
  5. If you tap where a green circle's missing, you'll see that person's un-filed paystub for that date.
  6. And (at the top) you'll see a warning that it's late, and how late the paystub is.
  7. To file it now, scroll down and tap: Go to "Pay now" report
  8. The person's paystub is automatically selected, so to file it tap File now, and then: Yes ... file it
  9. Because the paystub's filing's late, you'll be asked to select the "Late filing reason", then tap: Next
  10. It usually takes 15 to 20 seconds for HMRC to finish processing the paystubs and send back confirmation that it's been received.
  11. Once it's been filed successfully, you'll see a green check beside the paystubs that you've filed.
  12. However, because it's been filed late, it's also marked with a small red dot.
  13. Then back on the "People" report, tap the "Reload tab" button: (at the top), to update the newly filed green circles.
  14. And finally, you'll now see the recently filed paystubs are now also marked with a green circle, meaning it's been filed and confirmed by HMRC.

Keep in mind that:

  • A paystub's filing is only considered late if it's filed at any time after the day that it's due.
  • Which means that if it's filed up to 11:59 at night, then it's not considered late.
  • However, if it's filed at 12:00 at midnight, or after, then it's marked as a late paystub filing.

To learn more:

  • About HMRC's "Late reporting reason", go to GOV.UK.

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about what happens when you file late paystubs!

Updated: Sat, Feb 17, 2024.

© 2020–2024 1st Money UK Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.