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How do I schedule a person's pay rate to change on a future date?

Scheduling a future pay rate2:37

"How do I schedule a person's pay rate to change on a future date?"

Scheduling a person's future pay rate keeps their current pay rate unchanged, until the future date that you've picked for the pay change to happen.

To schedule a person's pay rate to change on a future date:

  1. First, select the person on: "Menu", then "People"
  2. Then go to: "Pay", then "Pay settings"
  3. The normal way to change a person's pay rate is to tap the big numbers, and set the new rate.
  4. However, changing the pay rate the normal way means that the change applies immediately.
  5. In other words, for the next upcoming payday, the entire pay period is paid with the new rate.
  6. If, instead, you want the pay rate to apply from a future date, tap the "more" link, and then tap the blue "Schedule future rate" link.
  7. Pick the pay period you'd like the future pay rate to start from.
  8. You can select any pay period start date in the next 12 months.
  9. Next, enter the new future pay rate.
  10. You could also change the rate type.
  11. Then tap: Save
  12. Now that it's saved, you'll notice that the person's current rate hasn't changed, as expected.
  13. However, when you read the description, you'll see the pay period start date, and the new future pay rate amount that you've scheduled.
  14. And now the pay rate for the person is set to automatically change on that future date.
  15. Also, if things change, you can always tap "Edit" and change their future pay rate to a different amount.
  16. Alternatively, to delete a future pay rate, tap: Delete
  17. And finally, because the future pay rate's been deleted, the person now has no scheduled changes to their pay.

Keep in mind that:

  • Whatever you set a person's future pay rate to, it can always be seen by the person.
  • So, if the person ever wanted confirmation that their pay change was scheduled, you could always send them a link to the page.
  • Then the person could see it for themselves.

You may notice:

  • That while only one future pay rate change can be scheduled, you can always update it to whatever you want it to be.
  • Also, a person's future pay rate change can't be scheduled to apply from the middle of a pay period.
  • Rather, it can only ever apply from the start of a pay period.

And that's it! That's everything you need to know about scheduling a person's pay rate to change on a future date!

Updated: Thu, Oct 19, 2023.

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